Ways To Hack Facebook

How To Hack Facebook Accounts

In case you ever had the hankering to hack into an account, you also know that it's always better to not be within the immediate vicinity of the individual whose account you attempting to get into. Facebook might not be the most lucrative of goals, but it doesn't lack its share of hackers. After all, it may not be as high profile as government or financial websites, but it is still a mine of info about people. And there are always those gullible enough to fall into the typical scams and tricks.



There are those who aren't following any benefits or the notoriety that includes a hack. Some want to spy on spouses and significant others. Whatever the case might be, you just don't want to get caught dead doing this by your victim.

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So, how do you hack into a Facebook accounts? The answer, dear friends, is a keylogger.

Keylogging is the second best method to hack Facebook accounts, only behind al-time-favorite phishing. How is keylogging done?

Step 1: Establishing a Server for Hacking Passwords

But before all that happens, the following must be done.

1. Download a keylogger and a Query.

2. Extract the RAR file. The RAR file may comprise 1 folder and also three files.

3. Open the keylogger file. You might need a contact address and a password to get it.

4. Click the host settings. You can place the occasions when you wish to get reports. The wise timer is 20 minutes.

5. Click on Output box to pick the file location. You may also name the file. All other fields are all optional.

6. Click Log and Result Setting.

7. Enter the theme email in the "Log Email Title" field.

8. Click on the last two options to bring the computer name and the victim title.

9. Click on Other Options. Unclick the message.

10. Click on Build Keylogger.

After the previous step, you should see your keylogger file. This is the server file and it'll be used to bind with the software later on.

Step 2: Extracting Icon File from Installer

1. Open Resource hacker folder.

2. Open reshacker file.

3. Go to Menu.

4. Open any installation file.

5. Click on the action button.

6. Click on save resources.

7. Save all tools to desktop.

You may have two documents. One is the icon file. The other is the res file. Delete the res file as you only require the icon file for this procedure. You now have the Icon of installer files. We'll now proceed to another step.

Step 3: Binding the Keylogger Server to Software

1. Go to the keylogger folder. Open the item.

2. Click on button to start adding documents.

3. Insert the keylogger server and the software installation.

4. In Binder Menu, go to preferences.

5. Select the icon created from Step 2. Set the output file's location.

6. Go back to Binder File Menu. Click bind files.

Your keylogger is prepared. The previous step just entails sending or spreading it out to your intended victim.



Step 4: Spreading the Keylogger

It is time to ship out it, when the program was installed together with the keylogger attached. How?

• Become a part of various forums and spread it via software posts.

• USB and pen drives

As you can see, hacking into anybody's facebook account is simple and will only take a few minutes.